New drummer, new guitarist, new LP

September 18th, 2009 Dave

Peter and Elmar left the band after recording the new album. We wish them all the best, blablabla. Seriously, I’m happy that they made the new LP sound so good! And there are no hard feelings at all, as we already found two new dudes some time ago.

Nuremberg homies can watch the first show with new line-up at Kunstverein on October 9. >> more info <<

P.S. Records should arrive today!

„An Unending Hell“ LP – Update

Juni 16th, 2009 Dave

The „real“ recordings for our 2nd LP are done, all is mixed down and Jack Control did some final mastering. So you know this will be good!

Album info:

IMMURED: An Unending Hell 12″ LP

· No Tears
· A Gleam of Hope
· Children of the Ashes
· Wings of Defeat
· Germinate from Blood
· Crippled Creator
· An Unending Hell
· Dead Beat

We’re currently looking for labels! By now we have Fake Vomit (D), Undislessed (F) and Grita O Muere (E) on board. Get in touch if you want to join!

Demo tape finished

Mai 28th, 2009 Dave

The demo is out for some weeks now, and the first bunch of tapes has been spread.
Hand-numbered to 30 copies with nice screen-printed sleeves.

Demo 2009

New live footage – „An Unending Hell“ + WB2D cover

März 27th, 2009 Dave

Two new vids from the Kunstverein Soli Weekend – The title track of our upcoming 2nd LP (played live the 1st time) and a WB2D cover (Curse them forever). Enjoy! Read More…

Demo 2008

November 5th, 2008 Dave

We’ve recorded an advance demo for our next album „An Unending Hell“ the last four weeks, all went fine so far, and the recordings are nearly done. There will be a limited „die-hard edition“ of 30 tapes sent out to friends, labels and supporters as soon as all is mixed down and finished. Check out some pics in the meantime.

Fake New World – Free Download

Oktober 15th, 2008 Dave

Thanx to the guys from our „Fake New World“ LP is available for download, just in time as it’s sold out by now. So get it here and add an comment.

Last shows for a while

Mai 7th, 2008 Dave

The two shows in Esslingen and Bremgarten will be the last ones for quite a while, as we will be working on the new album to come around within 2008.

Our friend Rene starts his own record-store in Bremgarten, one more reason to join the great opening party!

Read More…

New website

April 17th, 2008 Dave

A new page design, and it’s even working, finally! I’ve already uploaded a bunch of new pics, old and new flyers, mp3 and other stuff. More shit to follow, so check back for updates every now and then.

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